Klintberg & Way Group

Klintberg & Way Group operates within three business areas: spare parts and accessories, tires and rims and import of American cars.

Klintberg & Way Group offers goods and services to the automotive industry and has businesses in Sweden and across the rest of Europe. 
Klintberg & Way Group is undergoing rapid growth, both organically and through acquisitions. Klintberg & Way Group aim to become a significant supplier of goods and services to the automotive industry in Europe.

Klintberg & Way Group today consists of KW Parts, KW Wheels, KW Cars, KW Automotive, KW Technology Center, Dawa Däck, and ProImp.
The company has its seat in Kista (Sweden), but is also represented in Gothenburg (Sweden), Kortrijk (Belgium), Oslo (Norway), Lugano (Switzerland), Bremerhaven (Germany), and Butzbach (Germany). The group’s revenue during 2017 amounted to 994 MSEK (approximately 90 million €) and the number of employees at the end of the same year was 120.

Klintberg & Way Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anders Hedin Invest AB.

About Anders Hedin Invest AB
Anders Hedin Invest AB is a Swedish privately-owned investment company investing in businesses mainly related to the vehicle industry. The objective of the business is to manage and develop its present subsidiaries and to invest in future business and opportunities that will support and leverage on current investments. The company’s subsidiaries operate primarily within four areas; vehicles, car hire, properties and business related to spare parts and wheels. Some examples of subsidiaries Anders Hedin Invests owns: I.A. Hedin Bil AB (91%), Hedin Automotive Norway, Bavaria Sweden, Mabi Rent AB, Klintberg & Way AB and Car to Go Sweden AB. In addition to the vehicle operations, Anders Hedin Invest AB is a joint owner and owner of other subsidiaries and associated companies; Tuve Bygg AB, Consensus Asset Management AB and Ripam Invest AB.