How to reset your password

Welcome to our new web shop! The first time you visit the web shop, you will need to update your password.

You can do this easily by following the steps below.

How to reset your password:

◦ Select Login in the upper right corner of the website
◦ Then select Forgot your password?
◦ Enter your customer number and press Send
◦You will get an E-mail to the address registered in our system.
◦The message contains a password reset link.
◦In the box that appears, you are asked to enter your desired password.
Please note! The link must be opened in the same browser as you previously requested recovery.

Web Browser

We recommend that you update your web browser to the latest version for full functionality in the web shop.

◦Explorer 9 or later
◦Google Chrome 59 or later
◦Firefox 47 or later
◦Safari 9.0 or later

If you have any questions about the new web shop, please send them to:

We are looking forward to hearing your opinions!