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GM 5.7L 350 Gen 1 Truck 210HP

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For 50 years, Chevrolet Performance has supplied performance engines and products to car enthusiasts all over the world. All crate engines, gearboxes and performance parts are designed, developed and tested by Chevrolet. New life for your baby! As part of General Motors, Chevrolet Performance is able to offer a wide and diverse range of crate engines and partial engines beyond our high-performance Small-Block, Big-Block and LS engines. They are based on regular-production engines and make great swap choices for replacing a tired engine, while also enabling creative engine builders to start with an economical production engine and add their preferred power-building accessories. The engines are generally delivered fully assembled (minus the induction, ignition and starting systems) and each is backed by a 36-month or 100,000-mile/160,000-km warranty when installed in a recommended application. All new - not remanufactured! Chevrolet Performance offers this basic 5.7L 350-cubic-inch engine for 1987-1995, 8,500-lb and under, light-duty truck applications. It uses the later-style one-piece rear main seal and cylinder heads with center-bolt valve covers.