Parts Warranty

Products are covered by warranty up to 20 000 km, up to a maximum of two years. For Products listed in Appendix 1, the warranty lasts up to a maximum of one year. For Products with limited shelf life the warranty period shall never surpass the Product’s expiration date. The warranty period starts on the date of receipt of the Product. If the assembly/repair is performed by the Customer, the warranty period starts from the date of assembly. KW Parts reserves the right to, in connection with the order, limit the warranty start date to up to one year from receipt of the Product.

The warranty does not cover defects caused by improper installation, use under conditions or in vehicles for which the Product is not intended, lack of proper maintenance, alteration, accidents, racing or track driving. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

KW Parts’ liability is limited to costs of reparation or replacement of defect Products. It does not cover any further costs such as assembling or other labor costs, painting, rental cars, consumables or consequential damage. For warranty replacement of GM original parts, labor costs may be reimbursed in accordance with contracts between KW Parts and GMODC & Camaro authorized workshops.

The warranty does not cover parts fitted under new vehicle warranty.